Jingle's 1-800-Free411

Jingle's 1-800-Free411 is an ad supported directory assistance service. I gave the service a try and tasked it to find a Pizza Hut location in my city.

The computer voice was a gentle semi-sexy female incarnation that greeted me with precise and simple instructions. Unfortunately I was not helped by the computer because Pizza Hut has so many locations in my town and I did not provide exact enough geographic info.

I was prompted to a live operator and I asked her for help finding the closest Pizza Hut. Once I gave her a known location she sent me back to the computer system but before giving me the number of the store the computer hit me with a 30 second ad for a time share outfit pitching "free" vacations to Orlando and Las Vegas.
I already knew the Pizza Hut location so I pressed 2 and connected with the sponsor. I was offered a 4 day 3 night stay......... you know the pitch. I did not buy a package but I gave the salesman feedback on where I heard the ad. Not that he cared but maybe he will mention it to the marketing person.

Ad sponsored 411 is here and I see it as a winner for everyone. I'm anxious to see how I can get clients involved. One thought, I was asking for pizza and ended up with a vacation type ad. Not too targeted. A boost in ad inventory will cure this. Surely a pizza store would love to be in that spot. This is going to be a fantastic option for local business looking for highly targeted leads.

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