Yahoo! Local Reviews Close To Gold

Search Engine Watch highlights data reported by a Harris poll that confirms what seems obvious, people like to read what others have to say about a business. Polished advertising can make anything look good. They want to read what real people are saying.

"...asked users about the effect ratings and reviews might have on their decision to patronize a particular business. Overall, 79 percent of respondents said they'd be likely to be influenced by a rating or review on Yahoo Local, with 9 percent of respondents more likely to be influenced by a review that was negative, 23 percent more likely to be influenced by a review that was positive, and 47 percent likely to be influenced by both positive and negative reviews.

For merchants, the data highlights the necessity of getting out ahead of issues by proactively seeking out positive reviews from satisfied clients. It also underscores the importance of handling problems quickly and effectively, since the likelihood that an unsatisfied customer will post an online review is growing, and the effect those reviews have on potential customers is substantial...

Like it or not, UGC is here to stay"

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