Advertise Your Local Business Online

Dear Business owner,

Advertising your local business on the internet is easier than you think. Listed below are options available to you. Some of the advertising platforms we've listed like Yahoo Local and Superpages do not require a website. Google Base does not require a website but it does require you have a Gmail account. Currently the only way to get a Google Gmail account is by invitation.
We have plenty of invitations to give and will gladly invite anyone who emails us.

Our business is placing small businesses on all the available local search databases. We evaluate what your local competition is doing and do our best to place you ahead of them in the search listings. Our (daily) analysis of your competition's online campaigns allows us to keep your business one step ahead of them.

For a price list and further details please email: Cecelia

Below is a list of advertising platforms your business needs to be in. Let us explain why you need to be listed and how to get listed!

Local Business Search includes:

Google Local/Maps
Yahoo Local
Google Base

User Review Sites:

Judy's Book is an Internet Yellow Pages based on user reviews and ratings. Users can search local businesses and provide feedback in a comment section and/or on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, while viewing how others have rated similar services.

Insider Pages is a local search engine built around the concept that the best way to find a local business is through a personal recommendation. Users can share reviews of local businesses with others in their network and find recommended businesses in their area.


Paid search PPC (pay per click) options

Google AdWords
Yahoo Search Marketing
MSN Adcenter
ASK Sponsored Listings

Pay Per Call


Advanced options:

Channel Intelligence
Step up (for advanced product placement in Google)

Suggested Alternate Listings;

Below is a list of popular social bookmarking websites. Yahoo, LookSmart, MSN, and Google and ASK are weighting "saved" or bookmarked urls. We will explain how these tools help spread the word about your service.

Yahoo's Delicious
Yahoo's MyWeb
Google Notebook

Start a blog with Blogger , it's easy, free and vital, we will explain why.

Local Classifieds


Social Networks

MySpace.com (Don't laugh)

"Dozens of companies have established MySpace profiles since the Web site's launch in January 2004, hoping to create buzz for their products, cultivate customer loyalty and build brand awareness among the popular Web site's more than 83 million users.

"It's the electronic version of grass-roots marketing," said Chris Arnold, a spokesman for Denver-based Chipotle Mexican Grill, which launched its MySpace profile this month." AZCentral

Self Promote


Online Coupons


Data Directories

  • WCities

  • InfoUSA