Eater.com Gobbling Territory

Yahoo! News pointed me to Eater.com a brilliant blogging idea that is poised to grow according to the AP via Yahoo! release.

"..Thanks to an army of hungry tipsters, Leventhal and Steele are irking restaurateurs, chefs and reporters alike with their timely scoops. They have broken stories about restaurant closings and the comings-and-goings of chefs, and their success has led to a new venture in Los Angeles.

There is also talk of stalking San Francisco's eateries and possibly delving into one or two other major cities.

The ascendancy of Eater.com is yet another example of the transformation in how news is disseminated in a blog-driven world. With sites like Eater.com, Chowhound.com and Thestrongbuzz.com, no longer do restaurant-obsessed New Yorkers have to wait for a weekly food and dining section in a newspaper or magazine to get the lowdown.

"I don't see Eater as a lone crusader," Steele, 32, said. "I see it as more of a larger trend toward the democratization of dining information..."

If Eater or any similar incarnation appear in your community trump them by buying an ad on the site even if it carries a premium!

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