What Some Charge

Pricing of search marketing (and related) services is known to be secretive at best. It's actually refreshing to find a service that posts their prices for all to see in advance. The site I linked to obviously courts a different client than we do and I do believe you do get your $$$s worth if you dial them up.

Since we cater to smaller, local businesses and services our prices are far less.
A one hour phone call to us is FREE! If you like what we offer then we talk about a fee. If you decide to 'go it alone' and DIY that's OK with us. We expect if you go it alone you will use some of what you learned from us.
Our message is this; if you have a small business in a competitive sector you MUST be represented on the internet. We help you get there. Our satisfaction is when you call or email us to tell us that your campaigns are working.
When you take a business from zero to sixty in a (relative) split second it's a great feeling!


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