Internet Limbo Exists

...and I'm in it for now. Some call this state of limbo "Sandboxed" when referring to Google. What it means is your site or blog is not yet indexed, not found in any results pages. This blog currently lives in a naked state, unclothed, not ready to walk the red carpet. So anything I write A.T.M. is for my own amusement. Of course what I have written is intended to be read some day and this post in particular will look kind of silly, like catching someone talking to himself.
If any point is to be made of this it is the search engines must find you. Content is what they search for and eventually if you have followed the rules you get listed.

We offer local business quick ways to bypass this waiting period. We plug you into directories like Yahoo Local, Google Local/Maps, SuperPages and many others that do not require traditional spidering before indexing.
We can have your business visible to your customers on no less than a dozen local oriented websites in one business day.
Yahoo Local and Google Local/maps requires a reviewing process and it could take anywhere from a week to 4 weeks to be seen.
For now I'll keep writing here trying to feed the spiders. Our main site has found the immediate success we expect for you. Because we listed the site as a local business we gained the attention of the search engine spiders quickly.
Just type us into Yahoo and Google and see for yourself.

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