Hard Evidence Local Business Not "Getting" It Yet

This article by Jim Bonfield of EyeballFarm.com illustrates how local business, in this case furniture stores in Sacramento are not finding their way to the front pages of the major search engines. His supporting evidence tells us this is exactly where the furniture buyer is looking for furniture.

"- 75 percent of shoppers who researched home furnishings online said they had made a local shopping trip within the week following their online research.

- 80 percent of women cited major search sites as being nearly tied for first-place with actual local furniture store websites for their most preferred furniture-shopping destination online.

Local furniture companies are smart and many have deep marketing budgets and employ some really great marketing folks (I know a few). So why are internet users drawing a blank trying to find them? My guess is, they are just too busy being furniture store retailers and have not kept up with the way local consumers are using search engines..."

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