IYP Sales People Hitting the Streets

YellowPages.com joins Citysearch in beefing up local sales reps so reports The Kelsey Blog.

"TKG estimates the sales offices will have between 20 and 25 field sales reps and between 8 and 10 telesales reps. With field sales earnings averaging $70,000 and telesales reps average earnings around $55,000"

They are coming buy to support these salaries local merchants can expect some some hard sells coming there way.

This will make independent search marketing services like mine more attractive to local merchants. Those reps are not agnostic, Citysearch reps will be pushing the IAC product and the YellowPages.com people will be pushing their single site. An "independent" like me can offer the full range of local search options placing clients where they are best suited.

Multiple directory submissions, judicious use local targeted PPC, site development and consulting is my business. I can afford to charge less for my full suite of services for less than the YellowPages.com guy or gal will charge for most top category placements.
I was approached already by a very slick YellowPages telerep. Though he was preaching to the choir (and knew it) he was undeterred and convincing.
His persuasive manner was impressive as he quoted user stats and neat demo information. Only $400. per month for a top three spot for my category. Ouch! Didn't he know people go to Google? We had an interesting conversation.

Same tactics as the print now employed online. Local business will embrace the independent alternative!

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