Google Pay Per Action Will Change The Game

Google Pay Per Action (CPA) being expanded according to Google;

"Google announced today the worldwide expansion of its pay-per-action advertising beta. Pay-per-action is a new pricing model that allows advertisers to pay only when a pre-defined action is completed on their site, such as when a user makes a purchase, signs up for a newsletter, or completes any other clearly defined action. Since the initial launch of the pay-per-action advertising beta in March 2007, many advertisers who have used the new pricing model are pleased with the opportunity to have more ways to promote their products and services online."

Click fraud concerns will all but disappear for merchants adopting the CPC model. (CPC defined)

A key question for adopters is how much are you willing to pay for a fairly qualified lead, one that has at the least given you their phone number or email?

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lori.weiman said...

Fraudsters are always looking for ways to make money. The ad model does not change that. CPA brings on fraud in the transaction through spoofing an identity in a lead form, downloading a white paper, or credit card fraud. The FBI caught a ring of CPA fraudsters last year in California. The problem is actually worse with CPA. A spoofed identity will not be detected until a marketer or sales person attempts to make contact. By then, it is very difficult to trace the fraudlent lead back to the lead source.

The best way to mitigate fraud risk is to track campaigns carefully, and have a third party auditor watch for bad behaviors.

For a free fraud diagnosis, your readers can try: wwww.clickfraudnetwork.com