So Many New Social Sites/Tools

More social/web2/community oriented sites coming online. No one knows which of these new sites will catch on or offer value to a small business. Our practice is to put client links on as many of these sites as is practical. If one out of every 5 or 10 become favored by Google or Yahoo! then the effort is worth it.

Todays sampling of new sites with social implications is Menuism.com. Menusism's tag line, "Menuism is a social network around restaurants and dishes that helps you find better food in the US and Canada". Restaurant owners will want to pop a link here and point preferred customers to hit the site with objective reviews.

Next up are sites brought to light by Greg Sterling are a couple of newspaper owned sites TribLocal.com and NeighborsGo.com. Chicago or Dallas residents may make use of these two.

Another site with intriguing implications for real estate is YourStreet.com. StreetAdvisor.com is another in this space. I posted on StreetAdvisor awhile back. My real estate clients (with one exception) saw the potential for StreetAdvisor instantly.

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