Maps Are For Travel, Not Local Search

Chris Linnett writing on SEL today offered the thought; "Imagine Local Search Without Maps". I have. Not daily or even weekly, well maybe weekly or whenever I use Google Maps.

Chris writes;

"........Similarly, I may need someone to repair the lock on my front door that is old enough to qualify as ancient. Well, local search is about discovery as well. I do not need to see where all the locksmiths are on a map; the locksmith is coming to me. But by providing me the tools to narrow my search of locksmiths by such variables as services offered, brands of locks, pricing, customer feedback, and more, I may be able to discover just the one my neighbors rave about for older locks..."

I don't need to know where the plumber starts his day. I don't need to know where the tree trimmer keeps his chipper.
And it's not just me. When I present Google Maps to clients I get quizzed to the importance of being listed there. Typically they say "do people really use this?" I assure them people do.

I think Yahoo! has it about right. Take a look at how Yahoo! treats maps as related to local search. Try the same search on Local.com. Note how the maps on both sites are tucked away nicely on the side. My new favorite local database is Yellowbot.com, it's clean and the data, mostly supplied by Localeze.com is fresh. The map bears the confusing* "got peeps" slang under the nicely sized map on the right side but otherwise this is how a local search site should look.

Confusing as in how do I convince an attorney client this may be a site to keep an eye on for advertising purposes down the road. Most professionals don't follow contemporary street slang. The Urban Dictionary defines "Got Peeps".

It's not pretty!


Ask Bjørn Hansen said...

Hi Mike,

Here in the YellowBot office we barely know what the slang means either. :-) It's on our list to get it replaced with something that makes sense to more of us but isn't completely plain and boring.

Glad you (otherwise) like the site!

- ask

Mike said...

Ask, I look forward to watching you grow. You guys are doing local search right.