Inexpensive Website Solutions From SiteKreator

Many small businesses I approach with marketing proposals don't have a website. Those without a website generally fall into three categories. Either a relative is helping them, they paid someone who builds websites and it's still in progress or they don't know where to start. They all believe "getting on the web" is expensive. It's not.
I blogged about solutions from Yahoo! Local awhile back and briefly touched on web hosting solutions from SuperPages.com. Both fit the bill for most small outfits and come in under $20.00 per month.
Another simple website solution provider is SiteKreator.com. Of the three I prefer SiteKreator.
The designs are simple, clean and affordable. Packages run from $7.95 to $39.95 monthly and offer "unlimited" pages. Simple editing caught my eye. It looks as easy as Blogger which means even moi might feel comfortable at the controls.
No further need for bugging your teen nephew or the friend of a friend to put together something in spare time. Definitely no need for the local bakery to pay thousands for a simple layout.
Those days are gone.

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