Google 101, A Pioneering Idea

Google employee Chistophe Bisciglia is using his alloted free work time to teach a college class on Google!

"It's not about our competitors," Google program manager Chris DiBona said. Companies have to think about pushing technology forward, he said. Over the years, Lazowska said, he has seen hundreds of his engineering students snag jobs at Google's offices in Santa Monica and Mountain View, Calif.; Kirkland; New York; and Zurich. About half are undergraduates. One undergraduate in the course is fourth-year student Sierra Michels-Slettvet. "I'm so pumped," she said. "This is a different way to solve problems, a different way to think about the world." If students like Michels-Slettvet grasp the new techniques, Google will offer the course at other top schools, including the University of California-Berkeley and Stanford University.

"The plan," DiBona said, "is that we try it with one, then three or four, and then hundreds of schools."

Fantastic idea Christophe!

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