SES Chicago Local Panel

SERoundtable blogs the local panel from S.E.S. Chicago.

There is so much to be learned from this presentation. I'm running tonight so I cannot elaborate on all the juicy details at the moment but I consider the review a must read.

A snippet from the panel. These notes reflect the words of panelist Justin Sanger the President of LocalLaunch.com;

"How do you do something different? Tactical fragmetnation, online classified, yellow pages, local media sites like news slite, judysbook, social networking, local and vertical search, craigslist, Yelp, Insider Pages, 2006 is the year of social marketing. Each of these is significant. They lead to confusion though. Need to think beyond traditional seo like landing pages. 'There is no single landing page for a business anymore. It's not about a website. It's about business information online. It's a different way of thinking. We must cleanse, enrich and optimize content. Think: Atomization - separate and spread. Managing and dispersing biz info is the local search markeitng tactic of our time. The new local search landscape requires new thinking."

Justin has his finger on it. We have been preaching this mantra now for more than a year. It's a very exciting time for the local advertiser.

* In the history of media there has never been a better opportunity for local businesses to dominate their niche. Some day this wide open door will close, for now the early adopter is enjoying rare air.

A more detailed summary of the panel can be found on this PDF.

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