Local Fragmentation

Peter Krasilovski posts on the Kelsey Group Blog how Yellow Pages are viewing classifieds as the "final piece of the "local advertising hub".

"The “inevitable” convergence of classifieds and Yellow Pages was explored at Kelsey's Directory Driven Commerce conference in Los Angeles Sept. 19-20. I gave a 10 minute primer on the state of the industry, and was joined on the panel by execs from Oodle, YPG of Canada and AdMission (formerly iPIX)."

He posts his 10 points on the subject and #2 says it all for me..

"2. Local fragmentation is getting so intense that Borrell Associates recently determined that major market newspapers like The Philadelphia Inquirer may only count on winning 15 percent of local usage. "

Exactly, and that is the basis of our business operation. The local business is no longer served by a listing in the local newspaper or print yellow pages. The local business person must be represented in ALL the platforms available. How do you get into these platforms? What platforms are available. Visit our main website for a very comprehensive list.

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