Every day it seems I find a another cool website. Today I bumped into Chowhound.com while surfing through local listings for restaurants on MyFoxLa.com. I've never heard of ChowHound and on first look it reminded me of Yelp but with less community. It does have community but it seems more hidden than Yelp.
The coolest feature is the real time scrolling posts of "ChowHounds?" You can watch reviews, comments and posts on a roll as they are posted.
The aggregated info is decent if you are in a large market. Small and medium markets are less represented as you would expect.
I consider this venue another piece of the marketing pie, another way to get a restaurant business noticed. I have no idea where ChowHound's reviews are picked up but a search on Google shoots back over 750,000 results on the term ChowHound.com.

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