Wikia Chooses LookSmart AdCenter, Tech

I've been busy with clients and my hobby blog and also following my investments and this one caught my eye.

Wikia Chooses LookSmart ad Serving Platform for management display and text based advertising.

TMC Net writes;

"Wikia will use the ad platform to grow and manage both display and text-based advertisers in its wide-ranging collection of communities. Breaking new ground for LookSmart, Wikia is the first implementation of the company's ad technology for managing and serving display ad units which utilizes CPM-based pricing...."

""We did a lot of due diligence to find a flexible and intuitive ad serving technology that nets the highest revenue and yield," said Gil Penchina, CEO of Wikia. "We discovered in the process that LookSmart's platform and services not only provide dynamic optimization of both our advertisers and backfill networks, but the white label aspect of it fits perfectly with our brand strategy.""

The market has not caught wind of the significant impact this news will have on LookSmart stock.

Recall it took almost a week before the market became aware of the patent news that shocked Local.com (LOCM) stock awake.

Update: After cruising Wikia I attempted to place an ad and was directed to Federated Media, who currently sells banner ads for Wikia. I wonder if FM will continue to feed Wikia or will this LookSmart contract place them on the sidelines.

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