New Facebook Feature; Facebook Polls

"Facebook Polls lets you pose questions to other users and rapidly delivers results."

"Facebook Polls are an easy way to get quick answers to your questions. Facebook Polls allows you to ask detailed questions, target them to specific user segments and receive real-time responses. You can target Facebook users based on gender, age, school, location, or profile keyword." Facebook Polls FAQs

I'm imagining how small business can design polls for both local brand development. Target the local college network with polls/questions like.

How Do You Prefer Your Pizza?
  • 1. Loaded Combination
  • 2. Thin or Thick Crust
  • 3. Large for Under $10.00
  • 4. 30 minute delivery
  • 5. Call 555-5555
We are beginning to see what Facebook means by sponsored listings.

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