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LocalGuides.com hit the ground running with the kind of fanfare you can't buy, (really), here, here and here wow!
Now that the heavy hitters introduced the product lets have a look at the site.

I see it as a combination of YellowBot, Yelp and Bebo or MySpace. I'm still trying to figure it out and I confess confusion. I opened an account and searched from the home page for "Fresno" and it brought me to a page with a brief city bio and some sites they call "starter guides."

The starter guide for Fresno Furniture Shopping sent me to a page with lists of Fresno furniture stores on a portal like page. The page results appear auto-generated and while the algo did some decent guessing it stumbled on one of the sub-categories "dining sets." When clicked it sent me to a popular Asian-fusion restaurant here in town.
I understand the intent of Local Guides is to have humans (guides) intercede and make every category relevant but for now at least in this particular case there's a bug.

The local search results are provided by SuperPages which is fine but when you click a link from a search result you travel to SuperPages.com to get to the business information.
Example; The restaurant search results for Fresno brought up a comprehensive list of Fresno restaurants but when I clicked Toledos Mexican Restaurants I was sent to SuperPages instead of the restaurants website.
This is unlike any local search directory or IYP I've used and may turn people off with the extra step. It gives the site an appearance of being a proxy site for SuperPages.

If they could get the kind of user base Yelp enjoys the site could get traction. My concern is the steps required to get information. I may not consider it a first choice local search site like Local.com or YellowBot.com and it's not a pure review site like Yelp so what will drive me to use it?
I don't have an answer. AmericanTowns.com, DiscoverOurTown.com, Outside.in and others in that genre have failed so far to persuade me to visit often.

Best wishes to the crew at LocalGuides. It will interesting watching their progress.

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