Food Fight; Carl vs Jack

Ok it's a bit of topic but kind of fun.

CKE Restaurants Inc who own Carl's Jr is suing Jack In The Box over new television commercials they say misleads customers into confusing Carl's Jr. Angus hamburgers with meat from a cow's anus.

"The suit was filed in federal court in Santa Ana, California.

CKE argues in the suit that the commercials falsely imply that Angus beef burgers come "from the rear-end and/or anus of beef cattle by creating phonetic and aural confusion between the words 'Angus' and 'anus.'"

You wonder how the CKE lawyers got this by the company Board. You have to think the suit may be a stunt as well. Or not.

The other day one of my two teenagers declared he had not had french fries in a long time so we loaded up and drove through the local Carl's Jr. He and his brother ordered up large combo's but instead of the large drink I told the microphone to just give them a medium drink.
(yeah I'm a mean Dad)

We pull up and the teenager at the window handed me these gargantuan sized drink cups. I asked if they were medium and the kid assured me they were. No one needs that much soda with a meal, not in a day or in a week, trust me.

So it got us talking about the people who would order the large drink. Our conclusion supported the reason for the CKE lawsuit. A good portion of their customer base are ignorant.

Anyone who orders a 1,500 calorie combination meal with a 44 oz. soda might believe Carl's hamburger is cow butt if they heard "Jack" say it. Forget that Jack is a clown, he's as good as real to some.

What's funny about this lawsuit is thinking about the actual litigation. They will have to prove harm and that means trotting out actual cutomers who believed Jack! Can you imagine the theater? I can't wait.

In the meantime I hope Jack In The Box continues showing the commercial.

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