Spam Gets A Pass, Honest Postings Get Limbo!

I noticed the mention of Boorah by Greg Sterling today on Search Engine Land and sort of congratulated myself for being a few days out front on Boorah with a passing mention the other day. I like to keep up on news and plug myself and my clients into every possible opportunity early. You never know which new business model will become a hit and gain link favor on Google.

I decided to take a look at "Boorah" related blog posts and could not find my page anywhere. That's OK since this blog is not intended for popular consumption but I am a bit irritated that this SPLOG piece of garbage is near the top for the keyword.

I really don't mind that 3/4 of the posts here go straight to supplemental on G, the blog is indexed well enough on Yahoo!, enough that it satiates what vanity or ego I have attached to this page. What is amazing is honest efforts put forward get passed over in favor of splogs.

Oh and Google, please remove the word verification, this IS NOT a splog and whatever I post here ends up benefiting you. I am about attaching clients to you!
End rant!

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