"Juiced" About Joost

Today Joost opened to beta testers. I signed up awhile back and now I'm glad I did. After downloading and installing the program I was treated to a view into the future of TV. I did not see any real bugs. Site navigation is well designed and the full screen option I tried offered acceptable resolution . I viewed an older National Geographic show and experienced a little lag but not much and I blame that on my computer not the Joost servers.

I have no idea what opportunities will open up for local or small business marketing but I have to believe there will be ways to get a local message in somewhere, maybe in sponsorship form or short (video) introductions?

From Joost to the beta testers;

"We need you to help us make Joost™ great. As a beta tester, you already know about our mission to build a television platform combining the best of the net and the best of conventional TV - and we need your help to get there. Get involved with Joost™ and help create the future of TV!"

If you can't sign up for the beta directly from the site I can send invitations.
Just hit me up with an email (mikemora at gmail).

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