Lite Brite Mooninite Marketing Miscreants

Guerrilla marketing practitioner Peter Berdovsky aka Zebbler and a sidekick held a news conference today after their arraignment in Boston. The two made cracks about their hair offering nothing about the criminal charges facing them as instructed by their attorney standing by their side. I've actually never felt sorry for an attorney before today.

What Berdovsky aka Zebbler failed to do is apologize for the trouble their electric mooninite creations caused Boston police and fire personnel. The bomb squad correctly treated the items as suspicious. These guys put there life on the line every day and it's a shame Berdovsky and his partner didn't take a moment to recognize this.

In fairness to Turner Broadcasting the two seem to be third party actors but Turner must share the blame. I suspect someone in the Turner marketing dept. will get fired. Look for Turner Broadcasting Systems Inc. to offer full restitution to the City of Boston, this is a pr nightmare they have to put to bed and soon.
The two characters will probably get probation, they are stupid but not criminals.

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