Google Local PPC Not Being Used By Local Business

I was searching Google Local (I'm not calling it "Maps" today) for eateries in Fresno California
and found these review oriented sites advertising via AdWords for eyes on the Google Local results pages for Restaurants, Fresno CA

Check out these sponsored ads;

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How long will it be before local restaurants begin bidding these spots up? I have chronicalled how difficult it is to sell restraurants and other local business into these spots. I wonder if Google really cares if mom and pop find their way into view here? I'm not sure, as long as the spots are filled by someone and apparently review sites and some national chains do then they have no worries.
I'll say it until I have no more voice, this online real estate should be snapped up by local merchants and there should be heavy bidding for the spots.

*There was also an ad for MeasuredUp, a rate and review site that launched in December 2006. I wish the folks running MeasuredUp the best of luck but they are burning their angel and venture funds against some very stiff competition. For what it's worth there is not one Fresno eatery (or any Fresno business) listed in their directory.

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