Dex Print Y.P. Reps Hit Colorado Springs Hard

Michael Taylor's informative post on the Kelsey Group Blog points to a Dex report on increased page sells in their Colorado Springs print directory;

"Dex Media announced a rather significant page-count growth in its Colorado Springs directory. While many question the viability of print Yellow Pages, particularly in a tech-savvy market like Colorado Springs, achieving page-count growth is something to take note of. According to the article, “Dex Media Inc. sold a record 1,365 pages of advertising in its 2007 directory, up 14.3 percent from last year"

It's a myth that merchants are flocking back to print. This surge in sales is targeted at one or two consumer sectors and they are hitting the restaurants especially hard.
Until there are enough local search marketing people bringing online options to these businesses the print guys will keep dangling the noose in front of them.

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