Wikiasari, Wikipedia and Amazon To Team Up

Search Engine Watch contributor Frank Watson blogs on an article from the London Times that Wikipedia and Amazon plan to team up to take on Google in search.

Just yesterday I was appreciating the power of Wikipedia and asked my boys ages 15 and 13 if they use Wikipedia and they responded like I was an ancient geezer, duh!
I asked if the prefer Wikipedia to Answers and I received an upgraded response. Wiki "pedia" is more like an encyclopedia. When I reminded tham that Answers.com cites encyclopedias as well as other top level reference sources they told me it doesn't matter, Wikipedia does the trick.
I can see why too, Wikipedia takes you directly to the definition of a matter, not 14 ways to pronounce the word or term before getting to the meat of the term in question.

I think they appreciate Wikipedia's informal and unpolished presentation. Curiously my kids did not know what a Wiki was! The geezer knew something the web wiz boys did not know.

The Wiki concept doesn't appear to have taken the middle or high school kids by storm yet.

A decent effort by Amazon and Wikipedia may steal some eyeballs from Google. I find myself going to Wikipedia more often. This is because Google and Yahoo are serving me less relevant results. Google has been gamed, SEOed to death basically.

Wikiasari, the name is lame but I can't wait to see it!

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