The Spotlight Is On Local Search

Search Engine Strategies is dedicating a conference to local search. Industry expert Chris Sherman will host the event to be held Denver September 28, 2006.

From the event website;

"Despite the furious competition between Google, Yahoo!, MSN and directories in local (and maps), no one yet owns the category, and there are literally dozens of smaller players that offer compelling alternatives for search marketers."

This is the message we tell clients. It is important to be listed in every available local advertising platform. No one knows which player in the space will emerge as the go-to site. Even if one or two do it can only benefit the local business or service to be represented in the peripheral or alternative sites.

We cannot attend this SES Local event however we will be attending future SES Local events. The local space is moving so quickly now these meet-ups are the best place to network and stay up to speed.

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