Someone's Trading On Your Name

(Open letter to anonymous business person)

Dear Business Person,

When I sent you the email pointing out how another firm was bidding on your trademarked business name and how they are stealing business daily off YOUR trademark you told me thanks and how you will inform your marketing guy.
Well it's been over five weeks since I brought this item to your attention and your marketing guy is still asleep at the wheel. By chance is he the same guy who allowed this travesty to occur in the first place?
I'm guessing your marketing guy is old school and is very good at selling your business on TV and radio and he probably does a great job getting you are represented in the Yellow Pages and local newspaper.
There's a whole new world of advertising out here and he's missing fully half of it.

We are here to help, always,
Mike and crew!
Running a local business in a highly competitive field is a hard enough. When someone bids on your trademarked name using pay per click advertising it's the same as if they went to your store and painted over your sign.

It's a nasty practice performed by marketers of questionable character. The search engines offer remedies for offended parties. In most cases filling out an online form can stop the practice.

My clients never have to worry about such thievery, we won't let that happen!

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